5 Blogs That Will Change Your Life

by Sam Stone on October 21, 2012

How would you like to know how to travel and live in exotic places around the world for less than it cost you to stay home, how about living like Jason Bourne with multiple passports, offshore bank accounts and peeking behind curtain. Or hanging out with with famous comedians, whistle-blowers, UFC fighters and many more interesting people?

Then keep reading because I am going to show you how you can meet and learn all these things and more.

In this post I am going to share with you my 5 favorite blogs that have positively impacted my life and are guaranteed to open your mind to new possibilities.

Here they are in no particular order…

#1 – Tynan at Tynan.com

(As it says) This blog is about world travel, good habits, freedom and minimalism. Tynan (aka Herbal from the book The Game ) lives a unique lifestyle. Strange to some, thrilling to others, he lives in a pimped out RV (watch a video of here),  always travelling to different parts of the world and simply takes a very different approach to life.

This blog will have you looking at the way you work, live and approach happiness in a new, fresh and unconventional view you may have never considered before. Some of my favourite posts on his blog are The Most Valuable Day and The Hustlers MBA

#2 – Joe Vitale at blog.mrfire.com

Joe Vitale is a bestselling author of too many books to mention here, he has published books on marketing and personal development you can get the full list of his books here, he has appeared in Movies like The Secret, is a bestselling recording artist and the list probably goes on.

If you are interested in manifestation, miracles and  law of attraction then you will love Joe’s blog. Joe’s writing is very easy to read, its compelling and hypnotic. He uses great stories to get his message across and is a great place to stretch your mind and get an insight into the thinking of a person living from true abundance. Check out this post on how to have miracles in your life

#3 – Simon Black at SovereignMan.com

If you would like to learn how live like Jason Bourne with multiple passports, open offshore bank accounts and companies, buying gold and how to maintain your freedom then this blog is a must. Simon Black the author of the blog is an international investor, entrepreneur, and permanent traveler.

This blog is very different from the first two but it will open your mind to the world behind the world, the backdoors of the financial and political world that you won’t see in the main stream media. Get the inside knowledge at the  SovereignMan.

#4 Cody McKibben – ThrillingHeroics.com

Warning: Reading this site may cause you to quit your job and start doing things that ill make your friends and family think you’re crazy (and wonder why you hadn’t started sooner).

Cody is a great example of living life now and not waiting until you retire to live the life you really want to, Cody lives as an expat mainly in south east Asia, he operates the Digital Nomad Academy teaching others how to live their dream lifestyle for a lot less and much easier than most of us think it is by using currency arbitrage.

If you are sick of the traditional 9 to5 lifestyle and think there is more to life than they way your currently living ThrillingHeroics and Cody will open your eyes to a new way of living.

Learn how to live in exotic locations around the world for less than it costs to stay at home.

#5 Joe Rogan Experience – JoeRogan.net

Okay this is more of a podcast than a blog, but it still fits…The JRE podcast brings a very unique element, in that each episode is unscripted and brings a vast range of topics. Ranging from mixed martial arts discussion, psychedelic experiences, human evolution, and comedy.

The JRE truly is a breath of fresh air every time you tune in. It almost feels like you are sitting there with all the guests and having a beer with your mates you wish you made, ok maybe that taking it too far, but having a beer with some really cool and funny people.

Some of my favourite episodes are with Amber Lyon a former CNN reporter who is now whistle-blowing on corruption check it out here

Aubrey’s journey in to the psychedelic experience of Ayahuasca

And pretty much any one with Bert Kriescher (aka The Machine)

That’s the list so far, if you have any blogs that you read regularly and think I may be interested, share them in the comment below.



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