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by Sam Stone on November 6, 2012

It has been 97 days since I quit my job, I remember  sitting in my office starring at my computer screen watching videos and reading blogs posts about living a location independent lifestyle, having a business that can be ran from anywhere in the world and living free.

Learning about designing a life to enjoy now and not work for 40 years in a job to then retire and supposably do all the things I had dreamed about, after all wouldn’t it be better to experience things while you are young.

So after realizing that living a mobile lifestyle is what I really wanted to do I set out designing how I would make it happen.

A few years ago I starting learning about internet marketing and like most people who start out in this game went down the path as an affiliate – getting paid a commission to promote other people products. It seemed fitting to me as most of my working career had been spend learning the skill of direct selling and earning a commission selling products.

Although I had good success as a salesperson offline when it came to selling online I found it quite difficult. I brought countless products, hired a coach and started building niche websites promoting Amazon products, Clickbank and Google Adsense

I started making some money and I thought this is it, the millions (ok maybe not millions) are going to start coming in any moment now, and then Google decides to make some changes and almost overnight my income dropped along with my confidence about if it really is possible to make a decent living online.

The thing about the internet is that almost everywhere I looked I saw videos and posts about people making huge pay days online and living the ultimate internet lifestyle. To say the least they are inspiring and encouraging, so the flame lighting my dream kept burning.

I kept reading blog posts about how people where living in Thailand earnings US dollars having the time of their lives, they didn’t need to be millionaires they were simply had a business online that allowed them to work anywhere while taking advantage of currency arbitrage.

At the time I was living in a beach front apartment in Surfers Paradise, Australia, life was good, I was getting an all expenses paid overseas holiday every year given to me from work but I had this burning desire to be free.

It was early February 2012 that I said enough is enough, I gave myself 4 months to get my things in order and  start living the life I had been dreaming of.

The first step was to pay off as much, if not all of my credit card debt, reduce my processions to what I really needed, earn an income online that would be reliable and stable enough to enable me to live on in South East Asia where I could take advantage of currency arbitrate and go for it.

The first step of reducing my possessions was easy, at that time I had already moved several times and had reduced it down anyways and by living in fully furnished apartments for the previous 5 years meant I didn’t really own that much anyway.

The next step I would attempt to do together, spend my time building an income and systematically pay of debt. I would love to say it all went as planned however about the month of June I had gotten so fed up and knew I wasn’t living my true potential.

So I changed the story I was telling myself of why I couldn’t live the life I really wanted, I got out a pen and paper asked myself better questions and started crunching the numbers – What was really holding me back?, If I had to leave tomorrow how would I do it?, how much income was I bringing in?, what were my expenses and how much would it really cost to live in Thailand?, etc

To my surprise I wasn’t that far off, in fact the big hurdle at the time was paying rent, living on the beach in Surfers Paradise isn’t the cheapest place to live, but it is damn nice that’s for sure.

I realised if I could get rid of paying rent my vision could come true, ok it wasn’t totally as I envisioned it but it could still come to true. I let that thought marinate for a couple of weeks and then told my boss that I was leaving.

It took a month before they hired someone to replace my position and train the new person up, on July 31st just a few days after my 32nd birthday I worked my last day for an employer. I moved back home for a month and then fly to New Zealand where I am now writing this.

Obviously I haven’t moved to South East Asia yet and started my mobile life, I am still working towards it, I still have a couple pieces of the puzzle to work out but it is getting there and that is one of the reasons I started this blog to record my journey along the way.

So that’s most of the story so far, just thought I would share it.


Sam Stone

Here is a short video that I love and I am sure you will get a kick out of it too.

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