Earnings Disclosure

Earnings & Affiliate Disclaimer – Please Read This: 

VERY IMPORTANT: I want to make it clear that my income results or the results of anyone I mention or blog about are NOT average results. The average person barely take any action at all, they barely read past the first chapter or a book or unwraps the packaging off any course they buy. Taking action is the key to making anything happen; There are no promises here but if you’re lazy it will yield lazy results, If you work hard you will see amazing results! Got it?

It is important that you do your own due diligence before making any purchases on the internet. I only promote or recommend products, services and vendors that I honestly believe will benefit your business, website or life, but it’s ultimately your buying decision. If you are to buy something online then make sure you are protected with a Money Back Guarantee, only purchase from reputable and “verifiable” vendors and please make sure you understand what you are signing up for.

AFFILIATE DISCLAIMER: When I promote a product, I am most likely compensation monetarily with a commission. This means that the seller will pay me anywhere from 5% to 75% (and even 100% at times) of the sale for referring the visitor. While I do collect commissions from most of the products I promote, commissions never alter my judgement or critique of the product or vendor. Simply put, my opinion cannot be bought. I call it like it is.

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