Revealed At The Facebook Small Business Bootcamp

by Sam Stone on December 4, 2012

On Thursday 29th November I attended Facebook’s Small Business Bootcamp in Auckland, New Zealand it was quite interesting to attend a workshop actually put on by Facebook and hear them talk about how businesses can and should be using Facebook to grow their brand and increase sales, they also talked about some exciting new features about to hit the site in the coming months.

I thought I would share with you some of the takeaways I got from the event; a lot of it was about fundamentals such as how to set up Pages and the correct practises and how to use the various advertising methods Facebook offers however there was some interesting nuggets shared too.

Possibly the biggest take away from the event was the fact they gave out a toll free phone number and encouraged us to call them if we had any questions about Facebook Pages and for any help with managing our Facebook Ad campaigns.

Facebook Small Business Bootcamp

This was very interesting as if you have ever tried to contact a large website like Facebook of Google by phone it can be near impossible. Here is Facebook’s phone number if you want to contact them 0800 443 861 (toll free New Zealand)

As part of giving out their phone number Facebook was offering to manage ad campaigns for 4 weeks for free, all you had to do is pay for the ads, a minimum of $50 per day. Here is the link for more information I am not sure if this is only for Australian and New Zealand business owners but check it out.

Obviously one of Facebook’s main focus points at the moment is mobile as more and more of their users are accessing the site from mobile devices. The host of the event and Facebook employee Nick Bowditch mentioned that in some countries like Japan and Korea almost 80% of their users login from a mobile device and before they introduced Sponsored Posts Facebook made almost zero money from mobile users.

Another big announcement that is on its way that I didn’t know about is the soon to be released Facebook Gifts feature which will look similar to Pinterest layout which is no surprise there I guess, however it will allow you to buy or gift items to friends, if you friend accepts the gift it will be shipped to their address.

This is another way they are looking at monetizing their mobile traffic and complete with Pinterest among other things. However I think this could be very powerful for some clever marketers and business owners.

Some of the other things mentioned that I got out of the event was as a general rule, niche dependant of course but target your ads and marketing towards females as they make up the larger demographic on Facebook and according to their data usually make the buying decision.

Something good to keep in mind, they also went though many examples and explained how many of the successful big brands on Facebook make use of primary colours and a lot of whitespace in their images and ads to boost conversions and engagement.

Is EdgeRank a myth? Well according to the host Nick Bowditch it is, he went on a rant how it is just a myth that some bloggers made up, but then went on to explain how getting more engagement with likes, comments and shares will make your posts be seen by more people in the Newsfeed, but isn’t this EdgeRank? go figure, maybe they just don’t want to call it that.

Facebook In Auckland New Zealand

Bowditch did hint strongly that the share feature will hold more weight in the future and encouraged us to try and get more of our posts shared, and with the latest updated to their mobile app you can now share posts.

The other metric Bowditch pointed out that you should be taking notice of is, if you have a Facebook Page try and keep the Likes Vs PTAT (People Talking About This) ratio as high as possible, again PTAT is getting more people to interact with your content, Likes, comments and shares.

They were the main takeaways I got from the event; it was good to hear it come straight from the horse’s mouth so to speak and I would encourage you to go if Facebook come to a town near you.

I also made a quick video about what I got from the event.


Sam Stone

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