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by Sam Stone on October 14, 2012

Over the last few weeks I have been asked by a few people how I generate income from the internet so I thought I would wrote a post about it. Here I am going to explain three ways I am currently making money online right now in 2012.

To keep the post at a reasonable length and to the point I am going to keep the explanations simple but will provide links to more detailed instructions, if you are interested

The First way is: YouTube’s Honey Hole of Profits

I have been using this method to generate a recurring monthly income for the past 8 months now, I did most of the work in the first two to three months, and it continually produces $1000 to $2000 per month for me on complete autopilot.

Here’s the method – I opened up 2 new YouTube channels/accounts and posted 20 – 30 videos in each account (50 – 60 videos in total). Optimized each video for a keyword I want to target, added annotations and other calls to action to encourage people to click the link in the description of the videos and then promoted each video.

I focus first on getting the videos to rank inside YouTube search engine and then I noticed which ones are showing up in the Google search results, and then focused more on those videos to get them ranked higher and on to page one of the Google search results.

That’s it! Sounds simply huh, well it is, you just need to commit to it take action consistently, notice what’s working and where the results (clicks, leads, sales) are coming from and focus more on those activates.

I wrote a report that you can get for free here that will take you step by step how to do this. In the report I reveal the exact offer and niche I choose, keywords, videos, promotion tips, etc. Pretty much everything is in there just follow the steps and take action.

Warning I am going to be re-launching this product soon with a version 2.0 so it will only be free for a short time, make sure to get your copy now or wait for the new version to come out, but it will cost money.

Here’s the second method: Playing with the Warriors

If you are already marketing online, most likely you will know about this next site I am going to mention, if you aren’t but are interested in internet marketing and making money online then you need to get familiar with this site – the WarriorForum.com

The WarriorForum is probably the number one forum in the world related to internet marketing, thousands of people visit it every day to share their knowledge, connect with others, ask questions, etc. It’s a great community and has a lot of great information, anyways on to the method…

On the forum there is a section called Warrior Special Offers or WSO for short, this is a marketplace in and of itself where marketers sell information products at warrior special prices.

I released my first WSO in December 2011 and it went bang busters, I was surprised how quickly it got picked up by other affiliates who were willing to promote it and within the first two weeks I over 400 sales.

To be fair I didn’t make much money from this promotion as I was giving away 100% commissions to the affiliates, now some may ask why I would do that. And it’s a good question, let me explain…

First it was my first WSO and I wasn’t sure how it would go so I wanted to reward affiliates as much as possible to get them motivated to promote it and it worked, the second and main reason is because I was thinking long term I wanted  the list of buyers.

Yes that is correct everyone that brought the my WSO whether it was directly though me or though an affiliate I got the customers email address, and if you understand marketing the money is the list and the best list you can have is a list of buyers.

I then sent this list more content and built the relationship with them and promoted other products that I did earn a commission on. This worked out very well for me and is why I am going to be releasing my next WSO this month.

The other great part about this is that I also built a list of affiliates and becaue I gave them 100% commissions last time, they earned good money and know my products convert I am sure they will be willing to help me promote my next WSO.

I don’t have a report or detailed instructions for this method however if you have questions and would like to know more contact me and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

The third method: The Real Business

The best way to show you this one is for you to go here, enter your email address (I am the only person who gets your email) and watch this short video about it.

Warning: the video is VERY hypey and saley however it is an incredible system, if you would like to get involved and team up with me on this then after the video you will be asked to sign up it is only $25. Once you do that, let me know and I will jump on the phone and personally answer any questions you have about it and it if you don’t think it’s for you, that’s cool, I will even refund you the $25 so there is no risk.

To be fair I joined about 3 weeks ago have only just started promoting it this week ago and am not making any money just yet, however I have teamed up with a very well known and very successful online marketer to help me and if we were playing poker you could say I am going all in on this one. I am that confident that it will surpass anything else I have ever attempted to make money online or off.

So that’s is, there’s three ways I am currently using to generate an income from the internet. There are others, but they are a bit more complex for this post, maybe I will tell you about them in later posts, until then…



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